Please read carefully, so you are familiar with the race rules

Why do it?

The aim of the race is to promote bike riding in urban terrain, the spirit of the sport and active lifestyle. This is an amateur race, organised by Begach  Running Club.


Who can join?


Any adult above 16 years of age at the date of the event (16-18 year-old participants need their parents to be present). The participants must have agreed to Begach’s terms and paid their fee.

For children 8-15 years registration must be done by a parent or guardian. The presence of a parent or a guardian at the start zone is obligatory.


  • It is forbidden to ride with:
    • electric bicycles
    • triathlon or time-trial bikes
    • bikes with tri-bars
    • tandem cycles
  • All bicycles must be in pristine order that is solely the participant’s responsibility
  • All participants are required to wear helmets
  • It is forbidden to have headphones at the race
  • Participants need to have race number at the bike handlebars
  • It is forbidden to ride with camera on the bike


  • Pro / road – for road bikes with gears and wheels no larger than 28mm
  • Fixie – for fixed gear bicycles with NO breaks
  • ММА – for all bikes, if they’re not forbidden above

Riders with single-speed bikes must participate in the MMA discipline IF they have breaks.

Start, timing and ranking

The race starts are as follows:

  • 14:00 – Kids, 14:20 older kids
  • 14:45 – ММА
  • 15:30 – Fixie
  • 16:15 – Pro / Road bikes
  • 17:00 – Awards

Riders must start with one foot on the ground. We’ll signal with air horn. Race is on till the last rider does his/her laps.

Start grid is set according to the times the riders have stated in the registration form or by the race marshals’ orders.

When 1 rider is lapped by the first riders, they must give way, stray on the side and end the race by going to the start zone.




Ranks will be split for men and women. If there are more than 10 ladies, we can consider a separate start.

There will be age groups in the results.


The winner is the first rider that does 8 laps, after which the riders are ranked by order of finishing.


The winner is the first rider that does 8 laps, after which the riders are ranked by order of finishing.


The winner is the rider that finishes 12 laps and has most points. Points are awarded for a rider on every third lap. “Sprint” laps are: 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th. At the start of a criterium lap, the airhorn is blown to signal it. The first rider in a sprint lap receives 3 points, 2nd – 2 points, 3rd – 1 point. The final lap gives double points.
If two riders have equal points, the one that has finished first from the pair is ranked higher.


The kid that does 2 laps first is the winner. 4 laps for older kids.



Timing is electronic with gate and RFID chip.

Time is net: from the moment you’ve passed trough the gate in a start till the last lap is over. The 3 first finished riders have GUN time by order of arriving.


Sportsmanship and etiquette

This is an amateur race. The riders must respect each other and share the good spirit of the sport. Riders must help each other and the race organisers and volunteers. The race organisers can disqualify a rider if they don’t behave during the race or disturb other participants.

The route has lots of turns, the riders must follow foreseeable route and make sure the other participants are safe.

Athletes that have been lapped, must ride on the side and end the race at the start zone.

people participated in first criterium in 2016


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